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Mi idioma nativo, por eso le tengo tanto cariño.


Started speaking it at the age of 5. Never stopped.


Die Deklination macht es nicht einfach


Qui qui, moi je le parle aussie!

''Pictures respresent what words can't say''

urbano 1


A steam pot full of ideas

urbano 2


Wanna go where I have never been

urbano 3


I'll be there before you need me

Travelling has always been a part of me.


Since little I have been carring a suitcase visiting the most amazing places on earth, and later on with the years I dreamt of experiencing all kind of different cultures.

Said and done; I have lived in Singapore, Hamburg and San Fracisco but in the end I always come back to my favourite place in the world: Spain.

My life is now here but no one knows what the future is gonna bring. Just in case I have my travel shoes always ready!

Photography makes me see life differently

I got my first camera when I was 5 years old and haven't put it down since! For me, photography is not only a passion but a lifestyle. It defines who I am.

Seeing life through a lense shifts my entire preception of the world, allowing me to experience ir in ways that inspire and fuel my creativity.

My camera is a loyal friend that accompanies me every step of the journey, ready for whenever inspiration strikes. It also empowers me by making me take control of time: I can capture an instant and hold it forever.

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Introducing me