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Madrid's Girl Gone International Community Manager

Girl Gone International is a global organisation which supports and unites the new generation women living abroad. In Madrid I am the face of Girl Gone International; I represent our group, manage communications with GGI members, and grow the GGI community via English speaking events and interactions on social media platforms. PR, social media, events and people management are all integral to the role. As we are a truly global community, we work together as one big family to create a strong shared global culture. I make sure our international standards and procedures are adhered to and that Madrid shines bright throughout the group.

My role extends further than community management. I am part of GGI HQ. I am responsible for creating and managing content for the GGI Website and Magazine. I work closely with the Founder and Global Community Managers to create strongly branded marketing materials. As part of our content marketing strategy I designed gif badges to be displayed on bloggers’ websites. As part of the interactive magazine design process, I created Flash files for the magazine. As part of the Editorial team, I was charged with producing the ‘Secret Address Book’ to Madrid in addition to other articles. I am also part of the launch project of the new website and social network: www.girlgoneinternational.com


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