Maria Quintas
Head of Marketing & Customer at Sony Mobile Iberia

" Tamara has a profound knowledge of marketing in different areas (e.g. graphic design, social media, events) which makes her a valuable asset for any Marcom Department. She being versatile in combination with her inspiring personality, makes it easy and motivating to work with her "

Carlos Soler Alonso
Sales Executive at Real Madrid C.F.

" Her creativity and proactive attitude is the key for her success. Almost bilingual in English, Tamara is also capable to communicate effectively in German and is always looking to acquire new skills. "

Marina A Carrasco
Técnico de Eventos at S.C.P.

" She is dynamic, proactive and innovative. It's always a pleasure to work by her side. "

Rachel Kolesnikov
Quality Engineer at United States Air Force

" You continue to organize the loveliest events where I meet amazing and fantastic women who are both working professionals and fun, a very hard combination to find. The friends I have made through Girl Gone International have dramatically change improved my sense of fulfillment and my quality of life here in Madrid. You are changing lives. Thank you! "

Anne Scott
Girl Gone International Founder

" Tamara is an incredibly positive and highly intelligent individual with outstanding social media, community engagement and language skills. Nothing seems to faze Tamara and her enthusiasm in social media projects is infectious and highly motivational to the people around her - she has an amazing skill of engaging people with her constant optimistic approach. "